Not Just a Flash in the Pan: April 2019

3 May, 2019

A few dishes to remember, inspire and incentivise from the past few weeks of Instagram interestingness: From nods to nostalgia to more future facing fare…

Home-cured salmon pastrami @cornerstonehackney
From @cheftombrown

Sheep’s milk cannoli – savoury cannoli are having a moment
From @quayrestaurant

From @latimesfood

Rice pudding @theothernaughtypiglet at The Other Palace Theatre before the play Toast
From @holdsknikelikepen

Crispy shrimp toast at Gramercy Tavern
From @gramercytavern

Smoked Tamworth sausage and burnt onion ketchup the Marksman Pub –
a brilliant bar snack
From @marksman_pub

Marinda tomatoes, olives, capers and salmoriglio @qualitywinesfarringdon
From @nick_bramham
He mentions how he prefers these tomatoes to summer ones – I agree !

Poached eggs with butternut hummus and za’atar flatbread – breakfast innovation at its best
From @ottolenghi

Old school presentation of lemon meringue pie at Gloria Trattoria
From @eater

Future facing wise words from futurist guru Faith Popcorn
From @faithpopcorn

Champagne wall
From @marthastewart

Parfait – Paired back simplicity
From @sticky_walnut

Caviar with potato soufflé @elevenmadisonpark
From @eatingstory

Salt baked turnip, Gouda mousse, maple butter, caramelised turnip puree and wild garlic
From @sticky_walnut

Swiss chard, potato and Ogleshield hot pocket with smoked chilli apple jelly
From @blackaxemangal

An inspired French onion grilled cheese toastie
From @nytcooking

A bowl of handmade trofie – semolina dough pasta spirals
From @bocca_di_lupo

I’ve long been a fan of sformata – such as this warm ricotta sformata, tudela artichokes, pine nuts and mint

More breakfast innovation – masala chai overnight oats, mango lassi, pistachios and pomegranate
From @spiritland

Stuffed cabbage, lentils, pimento spiced roast pig, sautéed snow pea shoots, roti –
David Chang mentions that he predicts this year is going to be the year of the stuffed cabbage!
From @davidchang

Fried Mortandela with slow cooked zucchini and mint. This is a soft, smoked, patty-shaped salami from Massimo in Trentino, aged for just three weeks – not to be confused with the ubiquitous, mostly commercially produced, Mortadella
From @nick_bramham

Strawberry Daifuku – mochi stuffed with sweetened red bean paste and topped with the sweetest juiciest in-season strawberry
From @hollow_legs

Seafood cocktail @Dorys_of_Margate. Confit langoustine shells for the Marie Rose sauce with smoked prawns, lobster and crab – a great example of an elevated prawn cocktail
From @bittenwritten

Plant-based eating – kohlrabi taco, crushed peas, pickled asparagus @brunswickhse
From @alistairmaddox

Raw mushrooms, celeriac, Berkswell and hazelnuts @40maltbystreet
From @gwhr3

Egg salad sandwich LA Japanese sandwich shop Konbi
From @eater

Deep fried tofu and chickpea flour panisse with ground pork
From @rocketandsquash

Natoora are working with @citysuperhk to overturn the idea of conventional supermarkets and yield driven sourcing, and driving home-cooks and other supermarkets in a direction that values transparency and quality.
From @natoora