Not Just a Flash in the Pan: August 2019

4 September, 2019

A selection of dishes to remember, inspire and incentivise from the past few weeks of Instagram interestingness: From nods to nostalgia to more future facing fare alongside plenty of seasonal summer plates.

Chilled corn soup with pickled cucumber, green chilli and crème fraîche.
From @skyegyngell

Crisp British veg and a bowl of warm bagna cauda. Simplicity at its best.

Bao on a stick – the result of a recent collaboration between @bao_london and @popbakery. Pictured are the re-imagined versions of classic bao, blood cake, grill beef rice and horlicks bao.
From @bao_london

A plate of anchovies, padrons and whole head of garlic, with 100% EV oil alioli @qualitywinesfarringdon.
From @nick_bramham

Old school cocktail snack – Spanish manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies, Italian ham, sun-dried tomatoes and French cheese.
From @signesjohansen

An isaan som tum of British grown Thai tomato, Thai cucumber, various aubergines and pla ra (fermented fresh water fish) @smokinggoatbar. The pounded aubergine lends extra bitterness and the recipe will be changing daily based on what Smoking Goat can get from the farms they work with.
From @smokinggoatbar


An Ottolenghi test kitchen dish – leeks and onions cooked down until caramelised, with Iranian lime, cumin, turmeric, cannellini beans and herbs. Topped with eggs, herbs and barberries.
From @ottolenghi

Baked tomatoes in a spicy ginger, mustard seed, turmeric and coconut sauce
From @nigelslater

Salt baked celeriac idea no. 1: Celeriac Cordon Bleu – salt baked celeriac with oozy cheddar and Parmesan bechamel, a slice of roast ham. Panéed and fried.
From @gizzierskine

Salt baked celeriac idea no. 2: Celeriac cutlet Holstein, with a fried egg, brown butter, capers and anchovies.
From @gizzierskine

Albaloo polo – a sweet and sour Persian rice and cherry dish, made using oil instead of the more traditional butter and yoghurt, for extra crunch and vegan credentials.
From @jakecohen

Sweet vs savoury – tomato cobbler with ricotta biscuits courtesy of @nicole_rucker.
From @nytcooking

Sicilian inspired almond jelly, peaches & honey.
From @skyegyngell

Panna cotta tart.
From @food52

The granadilla or maracuja doce – a variety of passionfruit native to South America that’s
delicious, but not easy to find in the UK.
From @cevicheuk