Not Just a Flash in the Pan: July 2019

2 August, 2019

A selection of dishes to remember, inspire and incentivise from the past few weeks of Instagram interestingness: From nods to nostalgia to more future facing fare, and appropriately for this month, plenty of refreshing, summer plates.

Burrata with, bull’s heart tomato and apricot vinegar at Peg, London.

Prosciutto, cantaloupe melon and mozzarella.
From @palatinolondon

Globe artichoke, broadbeans, stracciatella and Scottish girolles at @trinityclapham.
From @lalatteriauk

Vegan skordalia, made with wood-fired Fioretto cauliflower and charred leeks at Mildreds Restaurant.
From @mildredsrestaurants

Hake alla Palermitana, with capers and ricotta salata. This popular Sicilian dish is usually made with swordfish, but here is made with British hake.
From @bocca_di_lupo

Tomato water jelly, sweet tomatoes and basil by @chefrorylovie.
From @thestaffcanteen

Pea, lettuce & mint soup – good either warm or cold. With added cooling mint for the warm weather.
From @gill.meller

Cold cucumber, yoghurt and potato soup – based on an old Ottolenghi family recipe.
From @ottolenghi

Black bean and chipotle soup with a salty sweet garnish of feta and watermelon.
From @nikisegnit

Smoked pig cheek and pickled watermelon.
From @blackaxemangal

Sardine Menu – the monthly Grande Bouffe diner

A plateful of gilda @qualitywinesfarringdon. This salty and spicy snack is made with pickled pepper, salted anchovy and olives and is probably the most common pixtos to be found in San Sebastian. It’s said to be named after the Rita Hayworth movie Gilda – as the fact that it is a little bit green, a little bit picante and a little bit salty was seen to have slightly sexual connotations and Rita Hayworth as Gilda was the sex symbol of the day.
From @nick_bramham

Watermelon salad with fresh tomatoes, ricotta salata, chilli and fresh mint.
From @palatinolondon

Avocado toast made with avocado squash – a variety of squash that has a buttery flesh very similar to that of an actual avocado.
From @chefdanbarber

The PLT – Grilled pancetta, iceberg, thick cut tomato and aioli in a homemade olive oil and rosemary bun @qualitywinesfarringdon.
From @nick_bramham

Summer breakfast bowls at Caravan, London:
Apple and pear overnight oats, almond milk, stem ginger, strawberries & toasted almonds.
From @caravanrestaurants

Sweet and juicy French blood nectarine – bloody delicious in fact. At £0.95 each, expensive, but worth the price.
From @rocketandsquash

Rich pickings from the 24 hour honour system farm box from Mickey Murch at Bolinas, California which includes tiny Nantes carrots, deep purple and green little gems, and an amazing variety of herbs such as dill, flowering coriander and little basil.
From @alicelouisewaters

Arepas stuffed with feta, mozzarella, coriander and cascabel butter. These South American cornmeal pancakes are a great flavour vehicle for all manner of toppings.
From @ottolenghi

Chickpea pancake, peas, lemon, crispy capers and Grimbister butter.
From @thestaffcanteen

Pickled baby beets tostada with goats cheese, toasted almonds and jalapeños.
From @breddostacos

Cooling Hamachi tartare at Mission Chinese, Manhattan.
From @missionchinesefood

Pan fried pork buns – sheng jian bao at Shanghai No. 1, San Gabriel, Los Angeles.
From @labowlfood

Poke-Don is launching at Bone Daddies – it’s a hybrid between a traditional donburi and the ever-popular poke.
From @bonedaddies

Chongqing ‘small noodles’ with minced pork, chickpeas and spicy and numbing Sichuanese seasonings @liu_xiaomian, the resident Chinese street food pop-up at The Jakealope and soon to also be found doing the food at The Holborn Whippet as well.
From @fuchsiadunlop

Silky-slippery handmade Xi’an biang biang noodles with slow-cooked pork and scrambled eggs and tomatoes at Master Wei, Bloomsbury.
From @fuchsiadunlop

Tomato quiche with slow roast tomatoes, triple cream with a crisp rye pastry from @violetcakeslondon.
From @obsfood

Short rib rending party pies from @freaksceneldn.
From @scotthallsworth

Beef cheek rending croquette.
From @oishinboy

Pissaladiere @qualitywinesfarringdon.
From @nick_bramham

Pizza rustica aka Italian homestyle cheese and ham pie.
From @nigellalawson

Mushroom and Idiazabal cheese empanada with watercress and padron peppers @wifeofbathwye.
From @marksargey10

Featherblade and hand cut truffle and Parmesan chips.
From @sticky_walnut

Charred red onions, braised in chicken stock.
From @sticky_walnut

Japanese cotton sponge cake.
From @helen_goh_bakes