Not Just a Flash in the Pan: June 2019

2 July, 2019

A few dishes to remember, inspire and incentivise from the past few weeks of Instagram interestingness: From nods to nostalgia to more future facing fare…

Savoury cheesecake – always a winner for the summer
From @carla_tomasi


Time for tea with chef Calum’s perfect scone recipe
From @chefcalum


Tomato and tapenade tart taken from the new cookbook. This recipe, from one of my favourite restaurants, has gone straight onto my ‘to make’ list.
From @felicityspector


Crab and salmon sausage roll, pickled cucumber and brown crab ketchup @rocksaltfolkestone. Would be great as part of a ‘by the seaside’ picnic.
From @marksargey10


This motorway services restaurant on the A1 between Rome and Montepulciano puts the ones in the UK to shame – shows how the Italians have got their priorities right.
From @british_larder_


Smoked lamb ribs at Smoking Goat Bar – a cut that seems to becoming more and more popular.
From @smokinggoatbar


Sesame tuna tostados at Tacos El Pastor – always one of my favourites when eating here.
From tacos_el_pastor


Large spring onions filled with raw beef, served with mayo @cafe_remouillage. No dialled up flavours here, just restrained intelligent cooking.
From @elizabethonfood


Charred squash topped with gremolata, feta, pickled red onion and toasted pumpkin seeds by Breddos Tacos.
From @breddostacos


A plate of tarajin (a type of thin pasta from Italy’s Piedmont region), here mixed with wild herbs, petals and butter.
From @alicelousiewaters


A vegan take on mapo tofu @missionchinesefood – made with marinated shiitake instead of pork or beef
From @dannybowiechinesefood


Burrata, salsa verde and charred bread @estelanyc
From @akaltinsoy


Celebrating solo dining – crab and tomato masala omelette courtesy of @dianahenryfood
From @telegraphfood


Pristine, super-fresh fish ready for dunking as part of a shabu-shabu – a type of Japanese hot-pot that diners cook for themselves at their table.
From @theopigott in Yunomine Onsen, Japan


The best tomatoes on toast, made with marinda tomatoes and mojo verde
From @gwhr3


Vin Santo ice cream with cantuccini biscuits as made by Nigella Lawson,
serve with a glass of chilled Vin Santo for a joyful pudding.
From @nigellalawson


Loften stout cured salmon, cucumber pickle and horseradish yoghurt @holmenlofoten
From @nathanoutlaw