Not Just a Flash in the Pan: September 2019

2 October, 2019

A selection of dishes to remember, inspire and incentivise from the past month of Instagram interestingness: From nods to nostalgia to more future facing fare alongside plenty of refreshing, Autumnal inspiration.

Beef fillet with salmoriglio.
From @therivercafelondon

A bowl of zuppa alla frantoiana (olive oil maker’s soup). The vegetables and beans are slow-cooked until little to no bite remains, making it a rustic, comforting dish. It hails from the Lucca region of Tuscany, where for centuries the peasants would come to the frantoio, or oil mill, with this soup and bread in hand, to taste the olive oil harvest.
From @saveurmag

A savoury sorbet – tomato, tamarind and lime sorbet from @roopagul
From @boroughmarket

On the special’s board @loyaltavernlondon – fondant potatoes filled with Stinking Bishop cheese.
From @hotdinners

Okonomiyaki new potatoes @CustomFolkestone. Home grown in their garden and baked in seaweed with tonkatsu sauce and bonito flakes.
From @bittenwritten

In-house cured anchovies, with devilled green tomatoes at The Marksman Public House.
From @marksman_pub

Triple cooked Jerusalem artichoke fries – soon to be on the menu at @rovi_restaurant.
From @ottolenghi

Latiang –  egg net rolls, filled with caramelised coconut, chicken, Dorset crab, kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass. A snack on the evening ‘tem toh’ set menu at Som Saa, London.
From @somsaa_london

Mixed beetroot and avocado tartare at The Delaunay.
From @thedelaunay

A boiled omelette – for a super fluffy version.
From @chefsteps

Simon Hopkinson’s mushroom on toast, made with fried bread and dried morels in a sauce of sherry, vermouth, garlic, cream and lemon juice.
From @obsfood

Nardin mackerel in a tin and rye toast at P. Franco. No chef required…
From @pfranco_e5

Salt marsh lamb crudo, mint, pinenuts and lamb fat crostini @norma_ldn.
From @ben.tish

Beetroot tarts with onion chutney, bocconcini mozzarella di bufala, walnuts and a drizzle of EV olive oil.
From @vinnysfood

Tomato, aubergine and feta tart
From @rocketandsquash

Ricotta ice-cream with fig leaf oil
From @rocketandsquash

Traditionally made biryani – follow the link to watch the video.
From @darjeelingldn

Oak smoked cod’s roe, pickled cucumber, caviar at The Fordwich Arms @thefordwicharms.
From @richard.vines

Airport and airplane food re-invented – Shakshuka by @thegoodegg for @virginatlantic at their Heathrow clubhouse. Chef @joolesypoosey and the Good Egg team have three dishes on the menu here in the lounge and four on board the flight to Tel Aviv.
From @felicityspector

Slow roast suckling pig for one, braised endive & lentils vinaigrette, black cabbage The Duke of Richmond, London.
From @thedukeofrichmond

Passionfruit, grapefruit and pomegranate ceviche taken from Sour by @mark_diacono.
From @nigellalawson

Confit rabbit and polenta Sparrow, London.

Inspired by Philippine adobo – Pork belly with apples, soy, cider vinegar, apple juice and about 15 whole garlic cloves.
From @ottolenghi

Vitello tomato tonnato sandwich – made using the tonnato sauce recipe from @rocketandsquash’s On The Side book and layered that with thinly sliced pork fillet (a good substitute for veal if you can’t find it). Season the fillet and sear on all sides in oiled hot skillet, wrap tightly in foil and roast for 20 mins @ 220C until still blushing in centre. Then add a layer of tuna mixed with the tonnato sauce and a splodge of mayo for extra squidge, plus onions quick pickled in sherry vinegar, a pinch salt and sugar, plenty of capers and a large slice of a very expensive and ripe tomato.
From @foodstories

Pork, porcini and chicken liver ragu in a bun with lardo numbing oil a @ixta.belfrage special @bodega.ritas.
From @gwhr3

Paodequeijo – Brazilian cheesy bread balls, made with cassava flour.
From @souschefuk

The French House Christmas menu – thinking of that time of the year again…
From @frenchhousesoho

Rose Bakery menu – a simple list of deliciousness.
From @julietshield

Pavlova, apple, blackberry, Calvados @cornerstonehackney.
From @cheftombrown

Next-level pistachio ice-cream at Rosy Bar in Modica, Sicily.
From @marinagpoloughlin

The latest chocolate from Callebaut uses the entire cocoa fruit, not just the beans, to produce a tangier and more environmentally friendly product. About 70% of the fruit is traditionally discarded in standard production methods so this is a huge step forward.
From @harrisandhayes